01 februari 2017

5 Reasons we’re fighting BDS


Dec 24, 2015 | By Shira Goldstein

The BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanction) movement uses boycott as a form of civil resistance against what is calls the ‘Israeli occupation of the West Bank’. Its goal is to create a global boycott of Israeli produce until Israel acquiesces to their demands, which include surrendering land to Palestinian control and recognizing the ‘right of return’ of more than 4.5million Palestinians, most of whom have never stepped foot in Israel.
BDS is encouraging an academic boycott of Israeli professors and universities. The movement wants you to leave delicious Israeli fruit and vegetables rotting at the greengrocer’s, and choose less healthy alternatives to AHAVA’s world-class Dead Sea skincare. They want to make Israel’s economy collapse: we want to help it thrive. Judaica WebStore is an Israeli company committed to sharing incredible Israeli produce with the world, and we are determined to fight against BDS! We vehemently disagree with BDS, and this is why…
1. The BDS movement has a hypocritical agenda. BDS supporters demand self-determination for the Palestinian people in a state to be established within Israel’s borders, while refusing to acknowledge the Jewish people’s right to self-determination in Israel, and denying the country’s existence. Yeah, we don’t get it either.
2. BDS encourages double-standards. BDS followers blame the entire Israel-Arab conflict on Israel, and refuse to place any responsibility on the Palestinians. If you were to believe BDS’s version of events, big, strong, illegal Israel keeps attacking the poor, innocent, abused Palestinians, entirely unprovoked and for no reason. Apparently senseless, random acts of terror don’t count as provocation…
3. …because BDS doesn’t believe Israel has a right to self-defense. Even though self-defense and acting to protect citizens is a basic constitutional right of any member of the UN, Israel apparently doesn’t qualify (it’s the double standards thing again).
4. BDS falsely compares Israel to Apartheid South Africa. BDS deliberately echoes the anti-apartheid campaigns against white minority rule in South Africa. They depict Israel as a racist, fascist, totalitarian apartheid state – even though it is the only democracy in the Middle East and fully embraces freedom of speech and religious and political expression.
5. BDS is hurting Palestinians, not helping them! Countless Palestinians are employed in Israeli factories and plants throughout Judea and Samaria. BDS campaigns for the closure of these establishments (like SodaStream in 2014) without considering that thousands of Palestinian could be left unemployed. These Israeli companies pay considerably more than other local jobs would, and their closure or relocation means that thousands of hard-working people who don’t object to Israeli governance are unable to adequately support their families. Great job, BDS.
Here at Judaica WebStore, we are proud to stock 100% Israeli produce. We are incredibly proud of the role we play in bringing fabulous Israeli jewelry, Judaica and art to the world, and of our impact on the Israeli economy. Buy buying online through Judaica WebStore, you are helping us fight BDS and boost Israel’s economy, while ensuring that you will receive the best quality and value money can buy! We want to change the meaning of BDS – so to help us Build, Develop and Support Israeli businesses, you’ve got to think BIG – Buy Israeli Goods!