08 februari 2017

Over 50 eateries take part in Jerusalem artichoke festival

BY AMY SPIRO 24 JANUARY 2017 14:32

The restaurant association of Jerusalem declared this week the week of the Jerusalem Artichoke Festival.

Have you ever wondered about the connection between Jerusalem artichokes and the holy city of Jerusalem? Turns out there isn’t one, but that hasn’t stopped the restaurant association of Jerusalem from declaring this week the week of the Jerusalem Artichoke Festival.

To celebrate, more than 50 eateries across the capital are adding a Jerusalem artichoke-centered dish to their menus – now through Thursday.

Angelica will stuff one with lamb, bok choy and chestnuts; Tmol Shilshom is adding them to a salad with chickpeas, carrots, radishes, cherry tomatoes and red onion; and Machneyuda will stir fry the tubers along with offal. At Cafe de Paris, the Jerusalem artichokes are stuffed into ravioli with clarified butter, white truffle oil and tomato seeds; at Crave they’re blended into a soup with a gremolata and olive oil swirl; and in Roza, gnocchi with sweetbreads with confit garlic and a wine sauce will sit on a bed of J e r usalem artichoke puree.

In addition to the menu innovations, some places will be hosting and holding special events. Today at Bar Hashchena in the shuk, there will be tastings, stories and recipes on the famed tuber, while on the same day, Hen and Alon Koren (of Bake-Off Israel fame) will be offering a tour of the shuk followed by a workshop and five-course meal based on, of course, the Jerusalem artichoke.

“Jerualem is celebrating 50 years of unification and there is no better time to start a new tradition that will hopefully last another 50 years,” says Keren Kadosh, the chef and owner of Cafe Kadosh. “The Jerusalem Artichoke Festival is a unique collaboration between dozens of restaurants, cafes and bars that all contributed with love in their areas of expertise their imagination and creativity to create a three-day celebration that is only the start of the many events that will occur in the coming months.”

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