14 maart 2017

Candidate Geert Wilders promises to improve Dutch-Israeli relations

Uit de Jerusalemonline van vandaag: Wilders verklaart dat als hij gekozen wordt dat de Nederlands Israelische betrekkingen zullen verbeteren.

Following the political dispute between the Netherlands and Turkey, right wing leader Geert Wilders is rising in popularity. He stressed that he lived in Israel in the past and is still in contact with many Israeli leaders.

Rachel Avraham

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Following the recent tensions between the Netherlands and Turkey, right wing leader Geert Wilders is rising in the polls ahead of the Dutch elections. Wilders, whose life is in danger and who travels around with heavy security, volunteered in the past on an Israeli Moshav and boasts of his positive relations with Israel, which he claims will only approve if he wins.

“They will be excellent,” Wilders related regarding what will be Dutch-Israeli relations if he is elected. “I have many contacts still with many leaders in many parties in Israel.” He stressed that presently Israel has friendly relations with the Netherlands and that he is Israel’s best friend in the Dutch Parliament.

Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Wilders describes himself as a good friend of Israel for many years. According to his biography, Wilders picked melons and peppers on an Israeli Moshav in the Jordan Valley in the 1980’s and since he views Israel to be a leader in the global struggle against terrorism, Wilders emphasized that Israelis should have the same right to sleep quietly as the residents of Europe and America.

Wilders has visited Israel dozens of times over the past 25 years and he speaks often about his special feelings for Israel. According to him, Palestine is Jordan and the war against Israel is part of the global Islamist war against the West.

Source: jerusalem online