10 juli 2018

Defense Minister: Israel will act ‘aggressively’ against Iran-backed terrorists in Syria

Liberman said Israel will act against Iran-backed terror forces entrenching along Israel’s border under cover of the Assad regime’s newest offensive.  

By: World Israel News Staff

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said Tuesday that Israel will act against terror groups connected with the Iran-backed “axis” operating in Syria. “We will act aggressively against all terror infrastructures that we identify,” Liberman stated during a press conference on the Golan Heights. “From our point of view the [Assad] regime is responsible for what is happening. It will be held responsible and will pay a dear price for cooperating with the axis.” According to Liberman, the terrorist infrastructure is being set up under the cover of the Assad regime’s renewed offensive against rebel-held provinces in the area. “This effort to establish terror infrastructure under the aegis of the Assad regime is not acceptable,” Liberman declared. He reiterated that Iran’s presence in any part of Syria is not acceptable from Israel’s perspective. “We will not accept Iranian entrenchment in Syria. Regarding an Iranian retreat from the border [with Israel] by 40 to 80 kilometers, it does not matter, we will act against Iranian presence wherever we see it and we will continue to do so.” In a short press conference after a tour of the border and meetings with IDF regional commanders, the defense minister also warned Assad’s forces against entering the demilitarized zone along the border with Israel.“In our view, the entry of Syrian forces into the buffer zone — any Syrian soldier who finds himself in the buffer zone is endangering their life,” he said.

Credits: World Israel News