J.D. Farag - 2021-03-01: Waarom - Why - Bible Prophecy Update (NEDERLANDS)

Met Nederlandse Ondertiteling, geproduceerd door Bramds waarvoor onze hartelijke dank.

Pastor JD beantwoordt de "waarom" vraag, als het gaat over de kerk van Jezus Christus die zo verdeeld en verward is in deze laatste dagen

Pastor JD answers the “why” question, as it relates to the church of Jesus Christ being so divided and confused in these last days

Bible Prophecy Update – February 28th, 2021 Update Links

- Christianity Today - Should Pastors Speak Up About the COVID-19 Vaccine?

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- The Christian Post - 2,700 evangelicals warn against politicizing coronavirus, urge Christians to take vaccine

https://www.christianpost.com/news/2700-evangelicals-warn-against-politicizing- coronavirus-urge-christians-to-take-vaccine.html

- Pew Research - Intent to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine Rises to 60% as Confidence in R&D Process Increases

https://www.pewresearch.org/science/2020/12/03/intent-to-get-a-covid-19-vaccine- rises-to-60-as-confidence-in-research-and-development-process-increases/

- Baptist News Global, Public health officials find churches are ideal sites for COVID vaccine clinics

https://baptistnews.com/article/public-health-officials-find-churches-are-ideal-sites- for-covid-vaccine-clinics/

- The Washington Post, “Churches pair up with clinics to deliver coronavirus vaccine to those who need it most”

https://www.washingtonpost.com... 2021/02/10/522025f8-6b17-11eb-ba56-d7e2c8defa31_story.html

- USA Today, “Faith groups step up to host vaccine sites. Why churches are key places, especially for people of color”

https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2021/02/24/covid-vaccine-sites- churches-offer-vaccinations-help-us-rollout/4550240001/

- News12 New Jersey, “Churches across the Garden State prepare to open as vaccine centers”

https://newjersey.news12.com/churches-across-the-garden-state-prepare-to-open-as- vaccine-centers

- Florida Phoenix News, Churches as venues for COVID vaccinations — ‘They ultimately trust the pastor’

https://www.floridaphoenix.com/2021/02/08/churches-as-venues-for-covid- vaccinations-they-ultimately-trust-the-pastor/

- Tampa Bay Times, “Local pastors call for more vaccinations in communities of color”

https://www.tampabay.com/news/health/2021/02/03/local-pastors-call-for-more- vaccinations-in-communities-of-color/

- NJ News, “New Jersey ministers get their COVID vaccinations. Now they can spread the word”

https://www.nj.com/coronavirus/2021/02/nj-ministers-get-their-covid-vaccinations- now-they-can-spread-the-word.html

- Pastor James Coates, Grace Life Church, Edmonton, Alberta Canada, "Directing Government to its Duty” Romans 13:1-4

- Prophecy Update, “The Mask Mandate” - July 26th, 2020

https://subsplash.com/+d6kc/lb/mi/+fwm8nyq? embed=true