Meet & Greet: Shamir Salads Factory - Amiram Guy

Shamir Salads, een fabriek van kosher voedsel, is in 1974 opgericht en is een pionier op het gebied van productie en verkoop van gekoelde choemoes (humus) salades in Israël. Het is sindsdien uitgegroeid tot een van de grootste producenten van gekoelde salades. De diverse soorten choemoes, salades en abergine dips worden in Israël verkocht en naar tal van landen geëxporteerd. 

In de fabrieken van Shamir Salads, al dertig jaar gevestigd in het Barkan industriegebied, onderdeel van het nederzettingenblok Ariel in Samaria, werken Arabische en Joodse arbeiders in vrede samen.

Shamir Salads was established in Israel, Samaria (Westbank) in 1974 and was the pioneer in producing and marketing chilled Hummus salads for the retail market in Israel. In the factory Arab and Jewish people are working together in peace.

Shamir Salads is an industry leader in Israel, and has successfully penetrated into divers international markets such as the US & Canada, Europe, Far East, and Russia.
Our range of products are based on a Chilled Salad (2ᴼ-4ᴼC) with a variety of:
Hummus (selection of flavors), Tahini, Eggplant (selection of flavors), Spicy Carrots, Coleslaw, Beat Salad, Red Pepper, Spicy Tomato etc.
Our salads are known for their high quality and excellent taste.
We carry over 80 different varieties of homemade style chilled salads.
Our state of the art manufacturing facilities feature:

6 production lines

2 frying lines

1 roasting line

2 cooking stoves

8 cooking pots

6 chilling rooms

Today, we produce about 1,300 tons a month, and have the capacity to double the quantity to 2,500 tons in three shifts.
We send every day hundreds of laboratory tests to authorised external laboratories for chemical and microbiological testing in order to comply with the Ministry of Health requirements and regulations.

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