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In August 2005, author, journalist and singer-songwriter Orit Arfa experienced an event that changed her life. She witnessed the forced evacuation of 9,000 Jews from theirs home in Gaza, by their own army, in what is known as the "Disengagement." Political opinions swirled around the event, but for Orit, what hurt most was the heartbreak and suffering inflicted on these good people, and the lack of empathy people felt towards their loss.

She set out to write a novel, "The Settler", about the crisis of faith this event triggered among the youth - a novel about love, about the search for one's self, and ultimately about the power of music.

Throughout "The Settler", the heroine discovers the healing power of music, and writes "Home (Lives in My Song)" to share her loss, and her certainty that her home will never die. This is the first single to be released off the upcoming album inspired by this musical novel.

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