Linda Sarsours: Lies are revealed in Gaza Conflict - Leugens Gaza-conflict worden onthuld.

Boomerang Fighting for Israel

Gepubliceerd op 22 mei 2018

We are the Boomerang team. Join us. 972-55-6653738 or Boomerang - creating magic Real voices - Realtime. Support our work: Boomerang - The Vision The boomerang is an ancient weapon designed to be chucked and eventually return to its pitcher. The phrase “returned like a boomerang” resonates as a sort of poetic justice describing the boomerang returning and stinging the sender. ‘Boomerang’ is an NGO that will return fire to Israel’s detractors around the world by producing unique and viral videos on social media within 24 hours, and more.. Boomerang - Objectives In this new age of constantly changing events and instant information, Boomerangs’ main objective is - relevancy. ‘Boomerang’ will spearhead Israel’s ‘public diplomacy’ warfare on social media by producing immediate responses to acute events through short and viral video clips.