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CU en Israel - Joel Voordewind

In deze aflevering vertelt Joel Voordewind het standpunt van CU over Israel.
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FOI 08 Political Basis for Israel. - Politiek basis voor Israel

English and/NederlandsEnglish:A 4-part series on Israel's right to exist.Part 1: Biblical Evidence f...
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STOP illegal EU Settlements - STOP met Illegale EU Nederzettingen.

English and/en NederlandsEnglishFor several years now, Israel has been trying to put an end to the i...
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Z.E. Ambassadeur Aviv Shir-On - Retrospect/Terugblik 2017

EnglishAmbassador Aviv Shir-On was interviewed by Jack van der Tang of Pillar of Fire for IsraelCNN....
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The Truth about Jerusalem - De Waarheid over Jeruzalem (Trump)

EnglishDanny Ayalon, Founder of the "Truth About Israel", Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs...
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SGP - Kees van der Staaij

Den Haag, januari 2018Politiek: IsraelCNN is voornemens om diverse politici in een interview hun sta...
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Pillar of Fire - Waarheid, Recht en Vrede

"A talk with Jack van der Tang of Pillar of Fire, about The Hague as an international city of Peace...
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​UN or The Bible - VN of de Bijbel

Children always speaks the truth Kinderen spreken altijd de waarheid.
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Ambassador Aviv Shir-On speaks out - Ambassadeur Aviv Shir-On spreekt zich uit

Jack van der Tang of Pillar of Fire interviewed the Ambassador of the State of Israel, Aviv Shir-On,...
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Meet & Greet Shir-On the Ambassador of the State of Israel in the Netherlands.

Z.E. Ambassadeur Shir-On is op 31 oktober 1952 geboren. Sinds oktober 2016 is hij ambassadeur in Ned...
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The 2 State Solution is DEAD

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This week the United Nations outdid itself. HonestReporting takes a careful look at their UNbelievab...
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Jerusalem Dateline: The Borders of 1967 - CBN

De grenzen van 1967De wereld sommeert Israel zich terug te trekken tot binnen de grenzen van 1967.Ma...
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Yehuda Glick - Likud Party

Who Yehuda Glick, known by many as extreme, settler. But who is he really? A man who survived an mur...
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Truth about UN

THE TRUTH ABOUT UNAmbassador Danny Ayalon spreads the truth about the UN. Hypocrisy and cynicism hav...
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Caroline Glick

Caoline B. Glick: Palestinian State will harm both Jewish and Arab civil rights.She is an American-I...
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Avi Lipkin - BibleBloc Political party

It is time that there will be a Jewish/Christian political party, founded on the Bible: BibleBloc. A...
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Barry Shaw 2: Bible GPS – Apartheid – Politics - Law

Nederlands en/and EnglishNEDERLANDSWe horen hier Barry Shaw aan het woord over zijn GPS: nee niet de...
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